What can I expect during a Sunday morning service?

Our approach to worship reflects the historic traditions of the church.  The order for the worship service, the liturgy is a unique blend of the past and present, ancient and future that captures our imagination. The liturgy draws from the best of the ancient faith and invites us into a rhythm for the Holy Spirit to work and transform our lives.  The service includes musical worship, the reading of the Word, the proclamation of the Word, the affirmation of the faith by saying the Nicene Creed, the prayers of the people, confession of sin, receiving God’s forgiveness, passing the peace, rehearing the mighty acts of God, receiving the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the elements (bread and wine), and being sent on mission into the world to share his good news by words and actions.  Our worship service is laid out in a service booklet, which gives you everything you need to follow the service.

What is the style of music played?

Our musical worship evenly blends past and present, ancient and future, traditional hymnody with contemporary worship songs. We are determined to sing songs rich in truth that engage our hearts as well as our minds.

Do you celebrate Holy Communion?

Yes, we celebrate Holy Communion each Sunday.

Who is able to receive Communion?

Holy Communion, the Eucharist, is open to any baptized follower of Christ who has been baptized in the name of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Genuine faith, reverence, confessing, and forsaking our sins, and earnest efforts to be at peace with all people are the requirements Jesus makes of all his followers as he welcomes us to Holy Communion.

Why do you celebrate Holy Communion each Sunday?

First, this is communion with Jesus Christ and with one another! The sacrament of communion sustains our life and faith as followers of Jesus, and transforms us as we “present our bodies [all of us] as living sacrifices, our reasonable service of worship” through Jesus Christ (Romans 12:1-2).

What will my children and youth do on Sunday mornings?

Our preschool department cares for infants through four years old.  Childcare for these little ones begins at 9am during Discipleship Hour and continues through Children’s Church at 10am.  

Kindergarten through fifth grade worship in the main sanctuary, but go out for an ageappropriate homily during the sermon.  They join their families again in time for Holy Communion.

Middle and High School students meet at 9am for their own Discipleship Hour classes, and join their families in the main sanctuary at 10am.

Why do children return to the service?

It is our conviction that families should worship together. Worshipping means thinking about and focusing our affections on God. Children can learn to do this in the context of their families and the worshipping community.  Statistics overwhelmingly show that children and youth separated from the worshipping community will often not return to church when they are on their own because they were never assimilated into communal worship.

Is there a youth group for my teenagers?

Yes!  We have a youth ministry program for both middle school and high school students.


Don't hesitate to ask us a question. We'd love to help welcome you to our church.