Missions & Outreach

  • All Saints Third Saturday Outreach Meal  – food, fellowship, and a sermon for our homeless friends
  • Long Beach Rescue Mission – support their work with the down and out of Long Beach
  • Precious Lamb Preschool – outreach and service to homeless preschoolers and their parents
  • New Life Beginnings – support, counseling, and temporary housing for women in crisis pregnancy
  • The Jesus Film Project – Mel and Julie Sanders – bringing the story of Jesus to the unreached
  • Global Mobilization Ministries – Alison Barfoot –supporting the Anglican Church in Uganda and Kenya.
  • Ten Days Missions Trips – Gregg Tipton –providing opportunity for believers to experience short-term missions.
  • Navigators – Andrew – making intentional friends, showing the light of Christ and sharing the good news in an area closed to the gospel
  • Bill Hull Ministries – providing church leaders worldwide with tools that help build disciples

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