Children & Youth

Children’s and Youth Ministry

In the nursery

Our vision is to support parents in nurturing a knowledge and holy fear of God that responds with joy, thankfulness, and obedience to the loving work of Jesus Christ.

We do this by standing on the following principles:

  1. Our ministry is Christ Centered, Holy Spirit powered, and based on faith in the holiness and abundant love of God.
  2. Our ministry is soaked in Holy Scripture. God reveals himself through many avenues but Scripture is the benchmark (2 Timothy 3:16-17).
  3. God has called the Family and the Church to be the place where people encounter Him and are trained in following Jesus. We seek to support, encourage, equip, and pray for the Families of All Saints Church.
  4. Children and youth learn the need to fear and love God, and are invited to choose to embrace the life of following their Savior.

Our Methodology is:

  1. Formal Scripture Training: We regularly gather to study scripture together.
  2. Informal Training: We teach the truths of scripture even when we are hanging out and playing.
  3. Modeling: We teach the truth of scripture by being like scripture and doing the things that scripture calls us to do.
  4. With Parents: We seek to do the above along with parents.

Our Programming:

  1. Sunday Morning Discipleship Hour 9am: Knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers provide age-appropriate teachings and fun activities to learn scripture and how to live a life following Jesus:
      • PreK
      • K-2nd
      • 3rd-5th
      • Middle School
      • High School
  2. Wednesday Night Youth Group 6:30-8:30pm
  3. This is for grades 6-12 and is designed to be a time for Formal training, Informal training, and mdeling discipleship. We play, sing, study scripture, and enjoy snacks together.
  4. Service Projects
    We encourage families to participate in the service work of the church, specifically our Outreach Meal to the poor and homeless, our ministry at a local nursing home/rehabilitation center, as well as other available opportunities.
  5. Special Events
      • Vacation Bible School
      • Youth Retreats

    For a more detailed breakdown of this information, please email: