Good Friday 5:15 Returns Lent 2019–Help Needed!

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Greetings Family of All Saints! In case you haven’t heard, it is time to begin planning for the next Good Friday At 5:15PM performance outreach ministry event. With the LORD’S blessing we hope to put it on during the last three weekends of Lent, all Friday and Saturday evenings in 2019:
March 29 and 30
April 5 and 6
April 12 and 13

We say, “with the LORD’S blessing” because it is entirely up to Him if the ministry happens next Lent or not. How will we know? Simple: if everyone steps up and volunteers to help put it on, God will provide everything we need when we need it-and that is exactly what happened the first time All Saints put on Good Friday At 5:15PM.

It begins with putting together a staff. This is not the people performing in the shows (unless, of course they want to). Rather it is a series of key positions filled by volunteers who want to take part in organizing, promoting, and putting on the performances. Here is a list of those positions with an explanation of the job duties required.

  • Prayer Teams – people to pray for this production as an outreach tool-starting now and all the way to and through the performances. We want to impact as many people as we can this time around and you can do this on your own-right now from your home!
  • Grounds Person – is responsible for the church and the surrounding property; has keys and the authority to deal with any security problems or issues that might arise. Handles any permits and is the primary liaison between All Saints Anglican Cathedral Long Beach, and the immediate neighborhood. Works closely with the director and oversees the entire production.
  • Wardrobe Person – since we already have all the costumes, this person would be responsible for taking the performers’ measurements and making any non-permanent alterations to the costumes. This individual would work closely with the director, stage managers and performers to ensure the costumes are organized and made ready for the performances. Should the need arise for a few more costumes, this person would oversee organizing sewing parties to make them.
  • Director – works with the performers and sets schedules for rehearsals and performances. This job is perhaps the toughest of all since each year we perform Good Friday At 5:15 PM, the Director is essentially the only staff member starting from scratch every time. This person is key and integral to getting stage managers, auditioning the performers, assigning parts, scheduling rehearsals as well as assisting with coordinating the entire production.
  • Hospitality Coordinator – people who greet visitors with coffee and light refreshments before and after they make their journey into Jerusalem. The Hospitality Coordinator is in charge of organizing volunteers to be greeters, menu planning for snacks, and any assistance in dealing with the visiting public.
  • Advertising and Public Relations Person – responsible for relationships with the community and the surrounding neighborhood. Handles all advertising to promote Good Friday 5:15 PM as well as any correspondence. This includes website(s), local newspapers, and, if it arises, radio and television spots.
  • Financial Officer – responsible for all fund-raising and keeping track of all expenditures.
  • Set Design Person – responsible for building the set of Jerusalem. The primary construction of the set is done. This individual will organize work crews, the moving of the set of the set out of storage, assembling it, as well as clearing schedules with the church office and setting construction dates. The Set Design Person would also be responsible for any repairs or changes to the set, in addition to dismantling it afterward, marking it and storing it for use the next time around.
  • Props Manager – responsible for organizing all the props for each performance. The Props Manager sees to the numbering, care and placement of the props at the beginning of each performance and their return at the end.
  • Animal Coordinator – while we did not have any animals at the first production of Good Friday At 5:15 PM, we would-for the sake of realism-like to acquire a few sheep or goats this time around. The Animal Coordinator would be responsible for acquiring and caring for the animals used during the production. This includes seeing that they are fed and properly cared for as well as any clean-up that may be needed during the production. Most likely this position will involve finding outside professionals capable of providing this service.
  • Security Chief – responsible for any problems that arise during the production requiring the removal of person or persons from the church grounds during the performance. Works closely with the Grounds Person in securing the facilities before, during and after performances.

*All these positions may require additional support from other individuals volunteering to help. As such, the people in these positions are responsible for selecting and working with any additional volunteers.