February 2018 Carillon from All Saints Cathedral

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2018 Lenten (and into Easter) Program

Wednesday evenings
February 21 – April 18

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality CoverThis year, our Lenten Program theme deals with our love for God and others, which is the Summary of the Law. Fr. Scott will lead us in an eight-week, video-driven, and group facilitated study titled Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: Discipleship that Deeply Changes Your Relationship with God, by Peter & Geri Scazzero. It’s an introduction into a life with God that goes beyond “tip of the iceberg spirituality” (that which touches the surface while neglecting the heart and emotions that lay deep beneath the “water”) into transformation through Jesus Christ that touches the depth of our being.

Please sign up each week on the kiosk to bring a dish for the dessert-less potluck.

Lenten Schedule
February 21 – March 21

6:30pm – Potluck
7:00pm – Evening Prayer and Study
8:15pm – Clean Up

February 21 – The Problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality
February 28 – Know Yourself That You May Know God
March 7 – Going Back in Order to Go Forward
March 14 – Journey through the Wall
March 21 – Enlarge your Soul through Grief and Loss

Easter Schedule
April 4 – 18

6:45pm – Evening Prayer and Study
(No meal)

April 4 – Discover the Ancient Rhythms
April 11 – Grow into an Emotionally Mature Adult
April 18 – Go the Next Step to Develop A “Rule of Life”

Schedule for Annual Parish Meeting and Brunch

Sunday, February 11
9:00 am – Holy Eucharist
Brunch and Meeting follow service
NO 7:30 Mass
NO Discipleship Hour

Everyone is encouraged to come for our brunch, fellowship and important annual parish meeting. And please email Dawn at dawn@allsaintslb.com or sign up on the kiosk at church –

To Help –
Saturday, February 10 at 2:00 pm for prep of food
Sunday, February 11 at 7:00 am for set up and after the meeting for clean up

To Eat – so we know how much food to prepare

All Saints Alpha Youth Program

Wednesdays, February 21 – May 9
6:30-8:45 pm
Dinner included*

The Youth of All Saints will be hosting its first ever Alpha Youth Program. This will be a 10-week outreach gathering that helps young people to discuss the claims of Jesus in a welcoming, authentic, and challenging way.

Please feel free to invite any youth you know who might be interested and contact john@allsaintslb.com to sign them up.

Please pray for the youth of All Saints who will have the opportunity to invite their peers to explore the Christian faith and to host this outreach endeavor. Pray for the youth who will be attending and for the leaders who will be assisting as discussion leaders. If you are interested in committing to praying for our Alpha Youth Program, please contact john@allsaintslb.com for more information that will help you pray with greater focus.

*During Lent youth will join the potluck dinner.

Missional Opportunities

Alamitos Belmont Rehabilitation Hospital
at 4th and Termino

Worship Services
Sundays, February 4, 18, 25
2:30-3:00 pm

Everyone is invited to attend a short service with the residents of AB. Newcomers are always welcome!

Valentine’s Candlelight Dinner
Tuesday, February 6
1:30 pm Set up & decorate
5:15 pm Serve dinner

Must be dressed in black bottoms with white top. Red scarf, tie, etc. is lovely accent. Children accompanied by parents must be 13 and above. To help, please email Dawn at dawn@allsaintslb.com or sign up on the kiosk at church.

3rd Saturday Meal for the Hungry

Saturday, February 17
8:30 – 11:15 am Set Up/Meal Prep
11:15 am – 1:00 pm Serve/Clean up

Come take part in this opportunity to provide a meal for our guests, the poor in our community. To help, please email Dawn at dawn@allsaintslb.com or sign up on the kiosk at church.

Used Pill Bottles Ministry

Calling all used pill bottles! Instead of throwing those bottles away, consider donating them to be used to distribute medicine in less fortunate countries. Your used bottles will be stripped of their labels and sanitized for re-use in countries that don’t have the luxury of the same pharmaceutical system we enjoy in the United States. Please bring them to church and place them in the basket located in the Parish Hall.

Precious Lamb Preschool: Toddler Room Laundry Help

A volunteer or two are needed who are willing to pick up toddler room sheets and blankets from Precious Lamb Preschool on Friday afternoons, clean them and return them to the school on Monday mornings. If you can help or are interested in more information, please email info@preciouslamb.org.

A Day of Mission Partnership
Saturday, February 10
Pray, Give, Hike!

Initiated by Holy Spirit, San Diego, members and friends of the Diocese of Western Anglicans are invited to join together in a Day of Mission Partnership. The purpose for this event is to build awareness of, and participation in, the mission priorities being pursued by the Diocese of Western Anglicans. These priorities include:

  1. Anglican Urban Initiative
  2. Belize – Fr. David and Mary Beth Alenskis
  3. Bolivia – Fr. Bely and Claire Soleto
  4. Hispanic Mission Initiative – Fr. Juan and Maria Marentes
  5. Southeast Asia – Fr. Lee and Pum Mullins, Fr. Michael
  6. University Campus Initiative


Everyone is invited and encouraged to pray for these initiatives. A prayer packet with more information about each mission can be found here (materials were prepared for the event in San Diego).

HIKE and/or GIVE
St. Luke’s has invited us to join their hike in Griffith Park that day:
8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Bring your own lunch.
Raise funds for these missions by asking people to sponsor you (suggested amount is $25 payable to All Saints).

Join St. Luke’s to hike Dante’s Peak in Griffith Park. It is a three-mile hike. Meet at 8:00 am at the far end of the Observatory Parking Lot. As the parking lots in Griffith Park fill up early on a Saturday, timeliness will be important. During the hike, the group will break into six prayer groups (one for each of the six initiatives listed below) at a place near or at the summit which has the best view of Los Angeles. The hike is expected to finish by 2:00 pm.

Shrove Tuesday

February 13–in homes

Shrove Tuesday, known by some as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, is an important but often underappreciated day in the Church Calendar. This day stands with a foot in two Church seasons. It is a day that celebrates the good news revealed during the Season of Epiphany, and it prepares us for the journey into the Season of Lent.

Our Liturgical Calendar invites us to shape our weeks, months, and years on the pattern of Christ’s life. This cyclical, ritualistic journey through the events of Christ’s life reminds us of the profound Christian doctrine. Those who claim Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord are no longer living their own lives. They have in the words of St. Paul, “become one with Christ.” His life is their life. They are not their own but his.

St. Paul described this reality as a great mystery that he lived to understand more deeply and live out more faithfully. Given that context, Shrove Tuesday invites us to take a moment to celebrate this mystery, laying hold of the identity we find in the season of Epiphany and soberly looking forward to the work of Lent which can be described as shedding our false identities.

Without this day of preparation where we are joyfully looking backward and forward, the season of Lent can become a season of deprivation without meaning. Without the good news of Epiphany, we lose the purpose of Lent as a sober but joyful time to reject the false supports and twisted ideals that get in the way of resting in our Epiphany identity. And without Lent, without the intentional discipline of saying no to the Flesh and yes to the Spirit, Epiphany remains distant and detached from us. Without Lent, Epiphany belongs to Christ alone and has little power to transfigure our lives.

As you prepare for Lent, let Shrove Tuesday be more than a chance to eat and drink. Do that, and do it with joy, but do it as an intentional act of celebration of who you are in Christ and with a sober understanding that this Holy Identity requires you to undertake an important journey. A journey that Jesus himself undertook. You are being called, like Jesus, freshly baptized and declared the beloved Child of God, to go out into the wilderness. To face with Jesus the places where your heart still doubts the truth that you are in fact God’s beloved child.

Here you will find a Shrove Tuesday Reflection. As you gather friends and family around a table to share a meal, consider using these readings and prayers as a way to intentionally celebrate the end of Epiphany and to prepare for the Season of Lent. God bless you and keep you.

John Calley

Ash Wednesday

February 14
Mass at 10:00 am and 7:00 pm

The season of Lent begins Wednesday, February 14. Lent is a forty-day period (excluding Sundays) where all the faithful in Christ enter into a time of self-examination, repentance, prayer, and study, to prepare for the great Easter celebration feast. Ash Wednesday services, as a reminder of our mortality and continual need for honest self-appraisal, will include a solemn imposition of ashes upon each believer’s forehead. This day is also a time of fasting and abstinence, a time of cutting down both on quality and quantity of food eaten. Please come on Ash Wednesday, and let us begin our Lenten season together.

Engage Training for Youth Mentors

Saturday, March 3
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
at All Saints

All Saints Cathedral is honored to be hosting this diocesan event where Young Anglican Project trainers will teach participants how to choose a young person to ENGAGE with, how to make the initial approach, and how to study the Bible together with that young person.

In addition, during the training, participants will be matched with coaches who will provide ongoing support and encouragement in the important role of building the Christian faith of young people.

Cost: $30

Contact John Calley at john@allsaintslb.com to sign-up or for more information.

Mark Your Calendar: March 10 Call to Prayer!

6:30-8:30 pm

All Saints will be hosting an LA Deanery-wide Call to Prayer from 6:30-8:30 pm on Saturday, March 10. As Archbishop Foley wrote recently,

The pain and suffering in our world is not going away, but when God opens your eyes to it, He is also equipping you through His Spirit to do something about it. Hear this prayer the Apostle Paul prayed for the Ephesians: “I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers, that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of Him, having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that you may know what is the hope to which He has called you…” (Ephesians 1:16f). Let’s stay on task and not get sidetracked from His purposes!

Prayer stations will be set up in a contemplative setting inviting you to be present and join in prayer at your own pace for topics such as local community needs, sanctity of life, church plants, addiction, illnesses, missionaries, and more. There will even be a prayer station for your own personal prayer intentions. It is a wonderful opportunity to invite family and friends.

This particular evening is more suited for older children, youth, and adults. All are welcome; however, childcare will not be provided.

~ All Saints Prayer Ministry

Arend’s Songwriting Retreat Reflection

On a weekend in January, I had the privilege with our very own Sam Grummons to attend a songwriting retreat in Mountain View, CA, nestled in Silicon Valley. I haven’t had a worship experience quite like this before, in which I felt peculiarly connected to the present (and to the Present One), offering to God in the form of song what was my current emotional state, and sharing that song in worship with my fellow songwriters. I’ve been in a season in which I find myself insatiably and sometimes, if I’m honest, despairingly hungry for the Lord’s presence. To that end, it was a spiritually nourishing weekend.

The retreat was hosted by United Adoration, a songwriting ministry of the Greenhouse Movement in the ACNA. From their website, United Adoration “is a worldwide songwriting community committed to creating songs with local songwriters and releasing them for use in the sacramental church.”

As co-founder Dave Frincke welcomed us in prayer for our retreat, we sat still in watchful expectation for what songs the Lord would inspire, and the palpable presence of the Holy Spirit rested heavy on us like a wool blanket. After prayer, we broke off into creative free-time, and motifs and melodies rang in each room of the house of our host family.

Leaving the retreat house, I went for a brisk walk around the neighborhood to pay attention to my thoughts and hopefully run into some inspiration. I had finished writing a song the week before the retreat, a prayer, “Come to me,” longing for the presence of the Lord. If only now He would come to me again with His guiding Wisdom and His inspiring Spirit, I could sing a new song, but until then, I’d be struggling to wrest this creative block from within me.

Back while we were praying, we were invited to read in silence a collection of liturgical prayers centered around Easter. Maybe the Lord will give us new songs for this Easter, and maybe these prayers will help inspire us. I was struck by this prayer of confession: “Like Thomas in the upper room, we are slow to believe. Lord, have mercy.” As rumors of Jesus’ resurrection were circulating, Thomas still having not yet seen the risen Jesus, became more and more desperate to see Him and believe; so as my night came to a close, and not yet having much to show for a song, I found myself more and more desperate for the Lord to come to me with His inspiration.

And that became my song, “Oh, that I may see Him, the risen Jesus,” a song I look forward to sharing with you all this Easter.

What a joy it was to share the weekend with other songwriters and worshipers, my newfound sisters and brothers. I saw the Creator Spirit alive in each of us, yielding such beautifully unique songs. And then I understood the importance of the work of United Adoration. I kept remarking about how each song sounded so unlike the types of worship songs I’ve grown so used to hearing. Each individual songwriter gifted us with an expression of worship that brought diversity to what expressions were previously available to us. Maybe this is why the psalms bid us to sing a new song. Sam called this “united, not uniform,” and so are we called to be in the Kingdom of God: each a part of the communion of saints, each singing a new song. Come Holy Spirit, uniting all of us and inspiring each of us.


Next Parish Baptisms

Easter Sunday, April 1
5:30 am

The next parish baptisms will be held on Easter Day, April 1 at 5:30 am. Pre-baptismal training sessions will be held in March. Attendance at these three sessions is mandatory for all adult candidates and all parents of infant candidates. Also, attendance at the final session is required for sponsors and godparents.

If you desire to be baptized or have a child baptized, or if you have any questions, please contact Ruth in the parish office at ruth@allsaintslb.com or 562-438-3650. Subsequent days for baptism will be May 20 (Day of Pentecost) and November 4 (All Saints Sunday).