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Archbishop Foley Beach

from a Shepherd’s Heart

Published in ACNA’s The Apostle, Fall 2017

Staying on Task

One of the significant events in a believer’s walk with the Lord is when He begins to open your eyes to see the harvest field around you. You begin to see your hurting friend. You see the struggling family down the street. You see the fellow employee addicted to porn. You see a widower who is alone and isolated. You see a person being neglected and left out because she is new to the country. You see a man with four children and one on the way who has just lost his job because of downsizing. You see a lady down the street who is struggling with heart issues.

This awareness can be overwhelming, frustrating, and paralyzing for the follower of Jesus. It can be discouraging and painful. Even more, you may ask: “What do I do and how do I respond when I see whole communities destroyed because of weather related events?” Added to all of this is the vitriol and violence we now see in the public square and in the political arena. The cultural and ideological war in which we now find ourselves in the West can be quite disturbing and unsettling. Many followers of Jesus are not sure how to engage, if to engage, or the appropriate place to engage all of these challenges.

As Christians we cannot put our heads in the sand and ignore what the Lord is showing us. When He gives a person insight, perspective, or awareness, He expects that person to use this insight in His wisdom, with His guidance, and for His purposes. It is so easy to allow obstacles to get us off task, away from the calling God has placed on all our lives as His followers.

Jesus said: “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest” (Luke 10:2). There is a plentiful harvest all around us here in North America! Therefore, “pray earnestly” to God asking Him to send forth helpers. We should do all we can to help and serve,but this does not necessarily mean that we are to do it alone. Ask God for helpers. He will answer your prayers. Jesus tells us here that it is “His” harvest. Our role is to be faithful in doing our part, and faithful in asking God for more help.

All around us we see evidence that the human heart is wounded and hurt. Theologically and Biblically we understand this is the result of sin (Romans 3:23). However, we also know that Jesus provides the answer, the forgiveness, the healing, and the renewing of the human heart by His death and resurrection from the dead. It is by faith that we call on Him and receive His goodness into our lives. And yet, it is up to us not only to share with others how He has brought healing and new life to our lives, but to disciple others to be able to do the same.

The pain and suffering in our world is not going away, but when God opens your eyes to it, He is also equipping you through His Spirit to do something about it. Hear this prayer the Apostle Paul prayed for the Ephesians: “I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers, that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of Him, having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that He may know the hope to which He has called you…” (Ephesians 1:16f). Let’s stay on task and not get sidetracked from His purposes!

+ Foley Beach
The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach
Archbishop and Primate
Anglican Church in North America

2018 Anglican Church Year Calendars are Coming

Once again, our Altar Guild is offering liturgical church calendars for the new year. These 2018 ACNA Church calendars will be available on Sunday, December 31st. Why this calendar?

    • Major and minor feast days of the Church year are listed.
  • Color-coding marks the different seasons of the liturgical year: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost.
  • Good for teaching your children (or yourself) about our Church year!

The calendars are a gift to our parish family. However, gifts payable to the All Saints Altar Guild will help defray the costs of the calendars and will be gratefully be accepted.

How Should I Give?

2 Corinthians 8-9
By Canon Roseberry


Giving should be generated by God’s grace working in us—it’s what naturally follows once we’ve recognized God’s gift to us and we’ve given our lives to him.


We give freely because we want to worship God and participate in his work—church leaders shouldn’t have to pressure Christians to give.


Giving doesn’t leave us anxious and empty-handed—we trust that as we give God will continue to care and provide for us faithfully.


Giving isn’t simply a corporate act of the church—it is a calling that each individual disciple of Jesus must learn to follow.


Giving isn’t a random or last-minute activity—we carefully and prayerfully consider our gifts with God and the needs of others in mind.


Giving is an ongoing discipline meant to shape us into the image of Jesus—by committing to give regularly throughout our lives, we learn to want what God wants.


We give what we are able, trusting that our faithful gifts please God and serve others—we don’t have to compare our giving to those who have received more.


Giving allows us to draw closer to God’s heart—it’s an opportunity to experience abundance and joy even in the midst of hardship and pain.


We give as Jesus gave, which means that it should cost us something—in giving sacrificially, we model the love of Jesus to the world and glorify God.

Mary, Bearer of Light

Mary Bearer of Light
Mary, Bearer of Light…
But what light does she bear?
See her robes dripping with golden light.
Surely it is the Light of the Christ.
In her body the Light of Christ came down to us.
But the light she bears is ours as well.
See the flames that dance and spark up into the darkness above.
The little lights in her robe remind us of a candle placed in the window
A burning prayer, a silent word of hope, for a loved one’s return.
But this is not a sentimental image of a single candle braving the night.
Mary’s robes gather all the flames of God’s faithful people
In her own submission she offers them up together; a chorus of lights.
Mary’s hands beckon. Perhaps they wait to receive her God in her arms.
But perhaps she invites us to offer up our own little lights of waiting?
If we do, will we also receive the one who follows its light to our door?
May the Light of Hope ascend from our hearts this Advent.
May the Light of Christ descend upon us this Christmas.
In the end, may we find that they turn out to be one.


Saturday, December 16
9:00-11:00 am in the church

The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions) will be available on Saturday, December 16, in the church. Appointments are not needed.

Living Nativity

Sunday, December 10
5:30-7:30 pm

Come! Enjoy live animals, story, songs, crafts, and refreshments. Bring your family, friends, and neighbors! And come, help make this happen—on or off stage! Sign up in the Parish Hall to help with any of the following:

  • Cast – kids & adults
  • Costumers
  • Backstage Parents
  • Craft Helpers
  • Animal Helpers
  • Set Builders
  • Refreshment Servers
  • Holiday Appetizer & Dessert Donators
  • Clean Up Crew

A Mass of Healing and Hope

Wednesday, December 20
6:45 pm

The twinkling lights and appropriately merry songs of Christmas can, in cruel contrast, deepen darkness and gloom felt by those struggling with grief, pain, depression, and illness. For this reason, we again will be holding a Mass of Healing and Hope. If the holiday season brings sadness and pain, I invite you to this special service. If you would like to show your care and support to those who may be having difficulty during the holidays, I invite you, also, to this service.

Preparing for Christmas is a busy season for most of us, but may we intentionally take this opportunity to seek God together and surround in worship and prayer those with heavy and hurting hearts.

Praying for his light to come in our darkness,

Fr. Scott

Missional Opportunities

Alamitos Belmont Rehabilitation Hospital Worship Services

Sundays, Dec. 3, 17, 24, & 31
2:30-3:00 pm | at 4th and Termino

Everyone is invited to attend a short service with the residents of AB. Newcomers are always welcome!

3rd Saturday Christmas Meal for the Hungry

Saturday, December 16
8:30 – 11:15 am Set Up/Meal Prep
11:15 am – 1:00 pm Serve/Clean up

We’d like to serve a special Christmas meal with all the trimmings to our guests, the poor and hungry in our community, and extend the love of Jesus to them. To accomplish this, we need your help:

To help on the day of this meal—email Dawn at or sign up on the kiosk at church.
To help cover the extra cost—make checks payable to All Saints Church and note “Third Saturday Meal” on the memo line; place in the offering plate or bring to the parish office.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve Family Mass 5:00 pm
Christmas celebration at All Saints begins with our Christmas Eve Children’s Creche Mass. This informal service allows children to participate and draw near to the Lord as we celebrate the day of Christ’s birth. We will sing familiar carols and use a simpler form to celebrate the Eucharist.

Deck the Hall for Christmas

Sunday, December 24
after the 9 am service

Get ready to decorate the Church for Christmas! We need many hands to lighten the work and increase the fun! There will be something enjoyable to do that suits your talents, or to try for the first time – we will offer plenty of supervision. Refreshments provided.

Sign up on the kiosk at church, or contact Caren through the parish office at 562-438-3650 or

Christmas Eve – Christ Mass 11:00 pm
We invite you to join us for our Christ Mass, with incense, celebrating the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Christmas Day 10:00 am
On Christmas Day, we will celebrate with a morning Mass.

Christmas Altar Flowers

You are welcome to help adorn the church with poinsettias for Christmas by giving a donation for poinsettias. If you wish to give flowers in celebration or in memory of someone, please make checks payable to All Saints Altar Guild, then mail, bring to the church office, or place it in the offering basin at any service. Please include the names of those you wish remembered and print legibly. The cost for one poinsettia plant is $25. However, any amount given is welcome as donations can be combined to purchase the plants. Names received in the parish office by Sunday, December 17, will appear in the Christmas bulletins.

Deck the Hall for Christmas

Sunday, December 24
after the 9 am service

Get ready to decorate the Church for Christmas! We need many hands to lighten the work and increase the fun! There will be something enjoyable to do that suits your talents, or to try for the first time – we will offer plenty of supervision. Refreshments provided.

Sign up on the kiosk at church, or contact Caren through the parish office at 562-438-3650 or

Advent & Christmas Music Invitation

Dear worshipping family,

I’d like to invite you to consider participating in our choir or band this Advent and Christmas season. You will be actively taking part in inspiring others in song and creating a space for worship. Many who attended and sang with us for the Cathedral Dedication were inspired by the large choir that joined us. My hope is that worshipping with the multitude would become a regular experience at All Saints. When we worship and look on the church choir and congregation, we are getting a glimpse of that multitudinous choir in heaven. As we celebrate this season of Heaven Himself coming down to meet us, let us join our hearts and voices to that saintly choir!

Choir rehearsals are 7:30-8:45pm on Thursday nights, and choir and band rehearsals are 9-9:50am before the 10am service on Sunday mornings. I am especially looking for members to join us for Christmas Eve. Again, this commitment is only for a season and is absolutely non-binding (but we would be happy to have you become a regular volunteer as well). If you’re interested or have any inquiries, please email me at


Holy Days in December

Advent Mass at 9:00 am
Decorating the Church for Christmas at 10:30 am, refreshments served
Christmas Eve Family Mass at 5:00 pm
Christ Mass at 11:00 pm

Christmas Day Mass at 10:00 am

St. John, Apostle and Evangelist
Evening Prayer 6:45-7:15 pm