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Church Building SteepleAll Saints Long Beach is an Anglican Church and part of the Western Anglican Diocese in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). We are further part of a global communion of churches established over the centuries by the Church of England. Our worship is liturgical, drawing from the Book of Common Prayer. Our faith finds expression every Sunday in the words of the Nicene Creed.

The congregation in Long Beach began holding services in 1923, has been in its current location since 1925, and became the Diocesan Cathedral October 27, 2017. Our current rector is the Very Rev. Dr. Scott Pedersen who brings experience in and a love for discipleship and mission. 

The history of All Saints parish is long and varied, and dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We put all our faith and trust in the God of creation and redemption. We believe that Holy Scripture is God breathed and the truth.  Our past, our present, and our future are always centered on the truth that there is only one way to the Father through Jesus Christ. 

To learn about liturgical worship, the clergy of All Saints, Anglicanism, and the Creeds, follow the links below:

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